Meet LOL HEARTSTEEL: New Virtual Boy Band Skins in Game - Character Outfits Revealed

  • Dec 29, 2023
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The promotional video for the Heart of Steel skin has also been released. It can be seen that it is the skin of the new virtual boy group HEARTSTEEL launched in the game. The skin has many elements of modern singing and costume elements, and also adds basic boy group elements to each character. set up.

Now follow us to learn about their new clothes!


Vocalist -- Ezreal

Ezreal rose to fame as a one-hit wonder, a prefabricated success, only for criticism of his album to sink him into oblivion. Some time later, Ezreal decided it was time to regain creative control. Now, after leaving his old record label, Ezreal has found friends and musicians in HEARTSTEEL with whom he is willing to give his all and return to first place!

Of course, since he is a song star, a simple black short-sleeved outfit cannot hide his handsome face.


LOL Heartsteel Ezreal Cosplay Costume

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Rapper & instrumentalist -- Kayn

Kayn uses his music as a weapon, no matter if it is himself or his demonic alter ego, Rhaast. Although he has all the preparation of a pop music prince, his bad reputation after the breakup of his last band made him an industry undesirable. Determined to annoy his haters, Kayn joined HEARTSTEEL, but ended up meeting creative partners (and friends?) that he, perhaps, could truly trust.

Kayn's clothes are very design-oriented. The short jacket has an irregular collar design. In addition to the trousers, an irregular skirt is also added as a decoration. The overall color is supplemented by a yellow belt accessory, which is very eye-catching!


LOL Heartsteel Kayn Cosplay Costume


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Instrumentalist & songwriter -- Aphelios

A musical genius, capable of playing a wide variety of instruments and who takes his passion for music to the point of obsession, is the composer and creative structure of HEARTSTEEL

Aphelios' skin in HEARTSTEEL is as fashionable and exaggerated as his cold appearance. With dazzling ribbons and exaggerated collars, you can immediately recognize him wearing a mask in the crowd.


LOL Heartsteel Aphelios Cosplay Costume

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Producer -- Yone

Yone was once a legendary DJ/producer, but he became disillusioned with the music industry and mysteriously disappeared off the map, leaving fans and critics wanting more. Meeting the other members of HEARTSTEEL brought him out of his creative slumber, and now, with his passion for music renewed, Yone is determined to take this band straight to the top.

Yone's entire outfit is very cool. The hollow design makes his chest muscles faintly visible, and the overall outfit is more refined, which just fits Yone's cold appearance.


LOL Heartsteel Yone Cosplay Costume

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Co-leader & vocalist -- K’Sante

K'Sante is extremely imposing, physically, emotionally and vocally; always with an eye on the future and determined for HEARTSTEEL to leave its mark on the music industry. As a solo artist, his ambition surpassed what one man can do alone, but now that he has found friends and collaborators he trusts, K'Sante knows that nothing can stop them.

It can be seen that K’Sante is dressed very fashionably. A short jacket with hollow short sleeves and a pair of exquisite gloves perfectly show off K’Sante’s perfect figure.


LOL Heartsteel K'Sante Cosplay Costume

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Co-leader & rapper -- Sett

Don't let those rock abs fool you: With sleek style and a heart of gold, tempered by years of hard work supporting his mother, Sett has earned that haughty rapper attitude. His last music career ended when he punched a paparazzi, but that wouldn't stop him forever. People refer to Sett in many ways, but when he's on stage with HEARTSTEEL, you can call him Boss.

It’s hard to find Sett’s clothes with sleeves, maybe to show off his muscles! And of course his favorite hat, which is said to have been knitted for him by his mom.


LOL Heartsteel Sett Cosplay Costume

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